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The marketing experts at Castle CS are absolutely crazy about the latest in technology. Here are our top high-tech gifts that are perfect stocking stuffers:

high tech gadgets for christmasFor the ski or snowboard enthusiast on your list, the must-have gadget of the year has got to be the world’s first Snow Goggles with GPS and a head mounted display brought to us by Zeal/Recon. With this device, a miniature computer gathers information from a number of onboard sensors and provides location, speed, altitude and temperature information to the wearer via a micro-LCD display inside the goggles.

high tech gadgets vancouverFor the times when you really need to let out a few sweet beats, the Electronic Drum Machine Shirt is always there with you — until laundry day that is. The shirt has nine different drum kits built-in, including Rock drums, Techno Punk drums, Classic Jazz drums, and Scratchy drums. Drums can be played and looped by tapping the drum pads and controls on the front of the shirt, and loops can be recorded up to three minutes in length. You can mix-and-match drums from different kits in the same loops, and even play all seven at once if you’re feeling really adventurous.

Don’t you hate when you’re out to dinner and the paparazzi strike AGAIN!? Even if you’re not Lindsay Lohan, the Anti-Paparazzi device is essentially an LED flash built into a clutch purse. The light emits a flash of its own when it detects another flash, thus ruining the chance for a less-than-flattering photo opportunity.

high tech gadgetsInstead of viewing life through rose coloured glasses, why not try viewing life through your favourite TV show? Lumus glasses are the latest “cinema shades” that allow their wearers to watch tv, track their location, or view Youtube, all while walking down the street. Not only limited to video, Lumos glasses also help to display a speech while still being able to focus on your audience–ending any presentation jitters.

iguana boat carFor the guy who has everything, why not purchase The Iguana 29 Amphibious. It’s a boat, it’s a car, it’s the Iguana! The Iguana 29 is a new take on amphibious vehicles, using retractable caterpillar tracks to deliver surefooted drive across extreme terrain at up to 8 km/h (5 mph) while on water it is quick to plane and has 35 knot speed.

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