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Guess what – your waiting room isn’t a waiting room anymore. It’s a profit center, and a major piece of your practice’s marketing puzzle. Or rather, it can be – if you activate these 5 principles that turn good waiting rooms into GREAT ones.

Principle #1: Environment: Every element in your waiting room must speak to the environment that you want to create, which, of course, is one that confirms and evolves the fact that your patients are making the right choice of dentist.

Principle #2: Engage: The rule here is simple: when patients enter your waiting room, your staff must engage early, and engage often.

Principle #3: Educate: Educating your patients must start in the waiting room – long before you or your staff sits down with them – because the waiting room is where opinions are formed, impressions cemented, and decisions made.

Principle #4: Expand: You’re a core part of your patients’ ability to live a fuller, happier, more successful and healthier life. When you help your patients realize the total value that you deliver, you earn their loyalty, deepen the relationship, and win their choice.

Principle #5: Emotion: Waiting rooms are the ideal place to touch patients on an emotional level; because they’re receptive, open-minded, and waiting for something to happen!

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