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Street Art: Embrace the concrete jungle, because urban marketing is quickly becoming a fun and popular way to advertise.

Let’s be real here, we all get sick of being bombarded with the same commercials repeating themselves all but every 2 minutes on any technological outlet available …but there’s something genuinely intriguing about street art. It’s unexpected, it’s cool, and most times – it’s free! or really inexpensive (don’t quote us on that, check with your local government first). There are a few reasons why street art is one of our top ways to advertise

  • Stop em’ in their tracks: You can change a TV channel, and you can switch the radio station over… but unless you’re an Olympic long-jumper, some part of your audience is going to see and engage with your arty advertisement.
  • Hook, line & sinker: Leading us swiftly onto our next point, street art is a brilliant way to engage your audience and leave a lasting impression because not only does it make us stop and take a moment – you can also get interactive with it. Get competitive, challenge your audience to find your advert and take photos with it, offer rewards – anything from loyalty points to a new product, people will snap it up …literally!




Exhibit A: When the new King Kong 3D attraction opened at Universal Studios, they found a way to make their mark… 

Giant footprints supposedly from King Kong lead to a crushed faux lifeguard truck on the beach in Santa Monica. It actually a publicity stunt by Universal Studios Hollywood to promote the new King Kong attraction that opens in early July. The ape will star in King Kong 360 3D, an attraction designed by director Peter Jackson. It is scheduled to open by the Fourth of July holiday.

See what we mean? There are a tonne of benefits to getting creative with your surroundings. Not only is it inexpensive and makes you stand out from the rest, but you set yourself up for a boost on social media. Think online campaigns, competitions, Snapchat filters and hashtag trends. As long as you’re willing to think outside of the box, the potential of your campaign is limitless, especially in the digital age!


Now we’re not talking about some sneaky, underhanded publicity stunt – we’re not about that life. The aim of the game is to get people talking about you. Behold… a few stellar examples of companies who did just that:

When the folks over at IMAX got all punny and hid 100 ant-sized tickets around London entitling fans to see Ant Man for free:


we see what you did there, guys. Bravo


This one is a little shocking, but it’s all about appealing to human emotion and making a big impact that is simply impossible to ignore. Road safety charity Brake displayed the vehicle of Joseph Brown-Lartey – the deceased victim of a reckless driving incident, as part of their #RoadToJustice campaign:


We touched on this earlier, so let’s revisit, shall we?

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get consumers involved, and they’re especially useful when launching new products. What better way to get customers to learn about your product than by turning it into a game? Games also equal prizes and let’s be honest, we’re all big kids at heart – kids like games and adults like prizes! #justsayin

Relate the clues back to whatever you’re launching and do the same with your prize. Hey presto!



30 times more likely to be read than your standard article (er, minus this one…) and amongst the highest shared form of content around – infographics are one of the best and quickest ways to gain and maintain your audience’s’ attention span from dwindling past your posts and onto that onslaught of funny cat videos filling up their news feeds below.

Not only are infographics more likely to be read, but they also send out that ‘oh, they totally know what they’re doing’ message…

Note: That isn’t a green light to create a poorly thought out infographic – do your research first, people.

Oh, and remember

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’ Albert Einstein