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Is your small business struggling to create meaningful connections with potential clients through Facebook ads? Well, you’re not the only ones! Making small adjustments to the way you target and design your video ads on Facebook can make a huge difference in the level of engagement you receive. Here are 3 tips from CastleCS, Vancouver’s digital marketing agency, on how to improve your Facebook video advertising.

  1. Narrow Your Target Audience and Tailor To Their Preferences

You may offer a wide variety of products or services, but your audience may be split up into different segments that prefer different things. Instead of creating a general advertisement about your business, try tailoring your content to a specific segment. This way, you are more likely to get the response you want, whether that is clicks, shares, comments, or likes. Use the tools in Facebook to learn more about the demographic of people who are interacting with you, and how they behave online!

  1. One Minute To Win It (Their Attention)

Mobile users have short attention spans, which means you have about 5 seconds to captivate the interest of your audience. Make the beginning of your advertisement straight to the point and tell them how you’ll be solving their specific needs. Keep in mind that not all users will have the audio on, so ensure the visual aspect of your ad is compelling enough to give them a reason to continue watching!

  1. Create Ads That Don’t Look Like Ads

No one likes feeling like they are blatantly being sold to. To captivate your audience, your video advertisements need to be insightful, informative, and appeal to their sense of humor or curiosity. Your challenge is this: to create an ad that doesn’t feel like an ad! Be creative with your team and come up with ideas that your audience can relate to and would be excited to share with their network.

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