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Everyone wants that sweet top spot on Google. How do you improve your position in an organic Google search? Here are some tips from Vancouver digital marketing agency, Castle CS.

  1. Update Your Site

Google not only considers the quality of your content in it’s ranking algorithm, but it also takes into account the recency and relevancy of your website. Keeping your website current with updated keywords, images, and videos will enhance the user experience and reduce bounce rates.

  1. Faster = Better

If you didn’t know, your site speed is a contributing factor to Google’s ranking algorithm. Now that most users are viewing content on mobile, it’s crucial that your website loads quickly and responsively on mobile screens. If not, it’s far too easy for visitors to leave. Try switching to a faster hosting service, enabling compression on images, or using a content delivery network to increase download speed.

  1. Build Up Your Social Presence

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all get high rankings on Google. Linking your website to these networks can boost the relevancy of your site. You can add social media share buttons to your blog posts or articles and encourage your visitors to share your content online.

It’s important to constantly adapt and re-adapt to stay relevant in SEO rankings. Also, it may take time for you to notice significant results! Need a hand managing your search engine marketing? Call Castle CS, Vancouver’s digital marketing agency today at (604) 670-0520.