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Sure, you casually enjoy watching videos when they pop up into your news feed, and maybe you even share videos to your friends and family when you find something really cool. But have you considered how crucial it is for your business to be utilizing video in your marketing strategy?

These 16 statistics prove that video marketing is essential for businesses in 2016.

  1. Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined
  2. Companies using video get 40% more web traffic from search than non-video users
  3. 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor quality video
  4. Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more
  5. Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster year-over-year than organizations without video
  6. Native video uploads to Facebook have 10x higher reach compared to shared YouTube links
  7. 70% of marketers claim video produces more conversions than any other content
  8. Video drives 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines
  9. 8% is the average conversion rate for websites using video compared to 2.9% for those who don’t
  10. YouTube is 11.3x bigger than Facebook in terms of hours viewed, both on the web, and in-app
  11. 90% of Twitter video views happen on a mobile device
  12. 74% of millennials find video helpful when comparison shopping
  13. 40% of consumers state that video increases the chance they’ll purchase a product on their mobile device
  14. Mobile makes up more than half of the global watch time on YouTube
  15. “How to” searches on YouTube are up 70% year over year
  16. 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it

View the original slideshare from Adelie Studios! It’s clear that video marketing is essential for businesses that want to not only survive, but also thrive in this ever-changing environment. CastleCS in Vancouver specializes in video marketing strategy and production and can help your business beat out the competition with engaging video content. Give us a call today for more information.