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How many hours per week do you spend on social media marketing? Two? Five? Ten? In fact, most business owners dedicate between 11 and 20 hours per week for managing their social media marketing channels. As a small business owner or growing marketing team, this is a lot of time to spend on posting and engaging with your community. You can optimize the time that you spend by adopting a few key strategies. These five tips can help you efficiently expand your reach and conversion potential through engaging, relevant, and targeted messaging.


Create Genuine Conversation

No one likes feeling like they’re being sold to, and with the tools available today, you don’t have to be that pushy salesperson! A typical social media feed now acts as a place for your potential consumers to chat, share their thoughts, and get connected with your brand personality. Your goal should be to engage your followers, not just to sell.


Be Consistent

In the social media space, it’s important to keep your tone consistent and distinct in each post. Not only is your verbiage important, but the imagery you choose to share speaks a lot about your brand and the messages you want to get across to your followers.


Timing Is Key

It can sometimes be a challenge to grasp attention from your followers, as their news feeds are constantly refreshing and providing new content. Your key to successful social media marketing is to strategize the timing of your posts based on who you are targeting and the language you are using. Use analytics-based sites, like Hootsuite, to find out when are your target consumers most likely to be online, and to share most during those critical times.


Metrics Matter

Your metrics depend on your goals as a business. Are you aiming for awareness, engagement, or conversion? Clicks, views, or shares? No matter what your goals are, it’s important to outline what your key performance indicators (KPIs are) for your social media strategy.


Pick Your Platform

Optimize your time spent on social media by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and choosing to focus on the ones best suited for your business needs.


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