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We hate to break it to you, but Christmas will be here in less than two weeks! You only have a few days left to find the perfect gifts for everybody on your Christmas shopping list. Never fear, our Vancouver marketing agency, CastleCS, has compiled the best places for last-minute shopping that will save even those who are starting their shopping on Christmas Eve at 10:00pm.

The Internet: Thanks to a little thing called The World Wide Web, shopping has become easier than ever before. Visit a website like Amazon.ca for tons of last minute gift ideas from stores around the world. Best of all, many sites have a promise to deliver gifts the next day (although, this can be hard to believe during Christmas Season).

The Grocery Store: You would be surprised how many gift solutions are available at your local grocery store. Next time you are picking up a jug of milk, check out the specialty food sections for interesting and unique gift options. Or, head down some of the aisles for interesting ideas that grab your eye like margarita mix or great gift certificates to the movies or spa.

Christmas Markets: There are several christmas markets around Vancouver and the Lower mainland that are stocked with unique gift ideas and locally-made craft options. Check out the Vancouver Holiday Markets around town.

Garden Supply Stores: For the green thumb on your list (or even for the ones that just can’t keep a plant alive for more than 3 days) a garden supply store provides perfect gifts. Pick up a bouquet or a pretty pot to help clean the air, add some colour, and bring life into your gift receiver’s home.

TicketMaster: Instead of buying something material, why not give the gift of music, theatre, or comedy? Visit an online ticket store to find out what the most popular events are in your area. Get an extra ticket for yourself and give the gift of priceless memories with each other.

Our Vancouver marketing agency, CastleCS, is full of great ideas! Contact us to schedule a marketing consultation today! Happy Holidays!

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