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The New SEO Experts

Google’s most recent updates to its algorithms have shifted the focus from massive link building practices, keyword stuffing and other SEO black hat tricks (popular with page rank manipulators before the updates) to user experience and social media input. What do the new changes mean for your business and how can you benefit from the new changes in Google’s algorithms? The SEO experts at CastleCS break it down for you.

Ease of navigation, lack of broken links and the overall feel of your website counts towards a good score from Google. SEO experts used to rely on over-optimization that focused more on crawlers and Google bots instead of the actual human users – focusing on pleasing Google instead of pleasing your clients and potential clients.

A website that’s optimised to a) help your user navigate,  b) find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently and c) delivers a positive experience is a website which gets rewarded by Google. How so ? Users that have a positive experience on a website are more likely to visit again, recommend your business to their friends, and connect with you via social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

A user-optimised website is the new word-of-mouth, and one of Google’s yardsticks for page rank. Website content that offers your users helpful, interactive and highly shareable information can positively influence your position with Google and your clients. Encourage your clients to participate in active discussion on your blog, website forum or social media outlets. The new and better SEO experts know that content continues to be king in a post-Panda and post-Penguin SEO world.

Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter & the newly-popular Pinterest are a great way to engage your clients and advertise your brand and your core messaging to your potential clients. Social media outlets are also a great way to share videos of your business – introducing your team, your services or contests – and create shareable content.

SEO has moved past simple system-cheating solutions, focusing now on quality content that connects your business with your clients.

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