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Your Marketing Tip of the Day

Apple Computers recently aired a series of 3 commercials that highlighted the Apple Genius Bar – in other words, Apple’s client-focused culture and one of the most often-cited reasons individuals prefer Apple over the competition: the hands-on individual, expert help from Apple representatives in the Apple store.

Unfortunately, while Apple’s commercials highlighted the Genius Bar and Apple’s┬ácommitment┬áto the Apple culture, the commercials took a decidedly unkind view of Apple clients. Portrayed as technologically-inept, the commercials committed one of the seven deadly sins of marketing, that is, insulting the client.

Traditionally, Apple clients are seen as cutting-edge, top-of-the-line, tech-savvy individuals who buy the best and expect the best – including one-on-one troubleshooting for any Apple device. However, Apple’s latest commercials undercut the branding message that Apple clients “think different” and created a disconnect between branding and messaging – a reputation management nightmare.

This marketing blunder won’t cost Apple many – if any – clients because of Apple’s strong foothold in the market. However, such a blunder could be potentially disastrous for a company who simply can’t afford to alienate its clients or create a disconnect between branding and messaging.

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