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Do You Know the Power of Social Media Marketing?

Vancouver Advertising Agency CastleCS does and we would love to share with you a few facts that might change your opinion on the efficacy of social media marketing.

If you have relied on traditional print and digital marketing until now and haven’t received the return on investment you truly desire, social media marketing might be the answer for you.

Not sure if social media marketing is for you? Consider these facts:

  • 20% of Facebook Users converted after seeing an advertisement or comments on a business’s page. 

Facebook has nearly 1 Billion users and acts like a forum where users can publicly share likes, comments and pages with other users. Facebook is an invaluable tool in social media marketing but does require active engagement.

  • 38% of Individuals have recommend a page they have ‘liked’ to friends and family 

Social media marketing is not just limited to the Internet and Internet-based sales. Social media can engender trust in your clients and potential clients and generate new leads for your business.

  • 91% of individuals over 18 regularly use social media 

Social media marketing is the marketing of the future – today. Engage with your clients in a friendly, low-sales environment and reap the return on a truly unique client-business connection.

Does your company engage in social media marketing? Ours does! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest.

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