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What Are You Doing to Effectively Market Your Business?

What is Search Engine Marketing? Why should my business get a Facebook Account? What is Direct Mail Marketing?

You have all the questions, we have all the answers. Welcome to the third edition of the “CastleCS Ask an Expert” blog series, where we regularly feature some of the most popular topics and themes in today’s marketing and advertising world.

This week we spend some time discussing strategies that help you effectively market your business in today’s markets:

Q: What does brand consistency mean? Can it hurt my business if I don’t have it?

A: Brand consistency creates familiarity and trust in consumers and potential clients towards your business, and as such, it can hurt your business if clients feel that you don’t deliver consistent, thought-out messages. Brand consistency at its most basic level involves using the same name and tagline across all marketing channels.

Q: How do I get Google to rank my website? 

A: Content is king when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation because good content isn’t just rich in target search keywords. Useful, well-written content is much more likely to be shared on social media and increase your visibility and page rank. However, search engines algorithms focus on external factors as well, such as authority ranks, link building and recent updates to your business website.

Q: What’s a typical day like at CastleCS?

A: There are no typical days at CastleCS! As a full service Vancouver advertising and marketing agency, we run the gamut from optimising our clients new website, making updates to our information, coding, graphics design, copywriting, SEO management, print design, video shoots, signage meetings and research to maintain our rank as marketing experts in the community.

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