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Video Marketing can Increase your Revenue and More!

As a video company in Vancouver, CastleCS is a strong advocate of using effective video marketing to promote our clients’ business, goals and services to customers and potential customers. Video has become an extremely popular and extremely portable medium and marketing tool.

How so?

YouTube has millions of users and can be accessed through all existing platforms: mobile internet devices such as tablets and android phones, laptops, desktops, CareVisionHD, theatres and televisions, and even Apple devices that don’t support flash. Video is extremely shareable and affects both a business’s social media score and SEO ranking. Just consider this: YouTube is owned by Google and given a strong level of influence in terms of page rank.

If you haven’t thought about using video marketing to promote your business, you’re missing out on valuable advertising space. Learn why video marketing is a valuable advertising tool by reading our latest article in Fresh Vancouver. Download the PDF here and share your thoughts with video company CastleCS on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, or send us an email!

Looking for a professional video company in Vancouver? Connect with CastleCS, your video marketing partner, and generate new clients for your business. Call us today at (604) 734-2627 for your free video marketing consultation.

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