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What is Search Engine Marketing? Why should my business get a Facebook Account? What is Direct Mail Marketing?

You have all the questions, we have all the answers. Welcome to the first edition of the “CastleCS Ask an Expert” blog series, where we regularly feature some of the most popular topics and themes in today’s marketing and advertising world.

This week we spend some time discussing new social media networks, small business marketing tips and more:

Q: What do you think about Pinterest? Is it over-hyped or okay? 

A: From a marketing standpoint, Pinterest can be a great way to promote your company and your services, including your motto, your actual office(s) or just images that catch your eye. Similar to other social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest is about sharing your interests and connecting with your audience: potential clients and consumers.

Q: I’ve got a small start-up company. How do I get in touch with the right customers? 

A: First things first, it’s really important to define your ‘target market’ and it depends on whether you’re a business-to-business seller or a business-to-consumer company. Once you’ve decided who you will be focusing your marketing efforts on, you need to reach these potential clients through all available channels and entice them to choose you over your competitors.

Q: Do you guys take any special training? Do you recommend any? 

A: Absolutely. We stay up to date on business marketing and advertising through continuing education courses, webinars and style guides, and we have a finger on the Google pulse (what do you think about the new Google+ pages?) and other relevant SEO information. As for what we recommend, useful information can come from a thousand places so we try not to limit ourselves to just a few sources.

And that’s all for today! Stay tuned for another round of great questions for the CastleCS team, including SEO how-to and a couple more personal questions. (No, we don’t use actually typewriters in our office, Pinterest photos notwithstanding, but two of our copywriters each have their own personal typewriter collection.)

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