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Top Social Network Facebook recently announced that all business pages will be converted into the new Timeline Format on March 30th, 2012.

What does the Facebook Timeline Format mean for your business? Simply put, opportunity.

With Facebook Timeline, you have a lot more space to share your message with your clients and potential clients.

Facebook Timeline focuses on customer interaction. You can pin and highlight informative posts to allow your users to better engage with your content.

You can also control and create new applications and let your fans know about company milestones and promotions.

Facebook Timeline gives you complete control over your business in a major social media outlet but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by Facebook’s new rules and regulations or social media in general, don’t be! CastleCS is here to help!

We offer a full suite of Social Media Marketing that can get your business noticed by customers and potential customers in all the right places. Contact us today to find out why CastleCS’s the marketing partner you KEEP.

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