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The Oscars, or the Academy Awards if you prefer, are a crowd favourite here at CastleCS – but it’s not because of any gold statuettes, red carpet mishaps or glamorous gowns. No, the team of marketing experts at CastleCS admire the Oscars because they’re a perfect example of Branding and Integral Marketing.

How so?

Celebrities sell themselves – and they sell themselves successfully at each and every opportunity. The Oscars are just one example of many where celebrities come together to celebrate their accomplishments and the accomplishments of other actors. Think of it as a yearly review meeting, only with cocktails and designer gowns.

Of course, we’re not saying you should host your very own Business Oscars to change things up, but if you look past the glitz and glamour, there’s a few valuable business lessons to be gleaned from events like the Oscars.

Probably the most valuable lesson, the take-away business message, from the Oscars and celebrities in general is… drum-roll please…

Business Identity.

Celebrities are businesses. They might have one or five of their own businesses as well because it’s fashionable (clothes and perfumes are very popular choices) but celebrities themselves are a business. Celebrities know how to market themselves to perfection because they’re not so much actors or singers – they’re a brand that has to be represented accurately and constantly. Think about celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga or George Clooney. They’re all known to be a certain way, that is “from the block”, “with eccentric taste in fashion” and “silver-haired handsome man”, respectively and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Of course, we’re not saying you need to print out shirts and hats with your business name and wear them everywhere- that’s a different kind of brand awareness. No, we at Vancouver advertising agency CastleCS believe in taking your business to the Next Level by establishing your brand/business identity and setting your business apart from your competition. Actors compete for roles and their behaviour might influence future opportunities.

What do you stand to lose if your business identity doesn’t accurately and constantly deliver your message to potential clients? Just that – you stand to lose potential clients and potential revenue. Some celebrities might fail to represent themselves properly and pay the price accordingly but you know that with an effective marketing and communication systems partner you can create a strong, positive and noticeable brand that will attract potential clients like the Oscars attract celebrities.

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