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A company with high brand recognition has strong, memorable keywords and themes across all marketing outlets (blog, website, offline content, etc.). When you stop to think about brands you remember, what instantly comes to mind? Is it MacDonald’s Golden Arches? Coca-Cola’s red and white logo? The CastleCS castle?

Instant brand recognition is crucial in today’s marketplace, and developing a memorable brand, tag line or logo may help exponentially increase your scope of potential customers. How can a business increase brand recognition? To start,

Create an Online Presence, Now. If you have not looked at your website for months, or if you have not even secured a domain name, you are missing out on reaching a limitless number of opportunities for increasing brand awareness. Nowadays, your brand will be nothing without a suitable website to back it up. Choosing an online domain name might not be as simple as adding dot com after your business’s name. If your company name doesn’t yet have brand recognition on its own, adding a keyword might increase your SEO and brand recognition. Potential customers searching for your type of business will be able to find yours on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The Vancouver marketing experts at CastleCS can offer you the most effective brand recognition techniques for your business. We design anything and everything you’ll need – content, tags, keywords, website templates, email and blog accounts – and we understand the value of utilizing relevant keywords, domain mistypes and TLDs for better brand recognition.

Make CastleCS your marketing and communication systems partner and take your company to the next level.