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Iconic brands are brands that are just that – icons for businesses that are recognizable, pervasive and – most importantly – persuasive. They’re like the banners of old that proclaim you King or Queen of you Business and strike fear in the hearts of your competitors.

Read on to learn what makes a few iconic brands so effective and get inspired to take your brand, and your business, to the Next Level, with help from your friends at CastleCS.


#1. Apple 

Apple Computers has had quite a few iconic branding attempts – The Beatles series for one – but the one that stands out most in our minds are the silhouette advertisements: colourful backgrounds, contemporary music and the crisp white product placement that perfectly represents Apple.

What can you learn from Apple? That it’s important to choose a logo that represents you and your business and to integrate that logo into everything. Think of it as your stamp of approval on a commercial for your business.


#2. McDonald’s 

Looking past the Golden Arches of McDonald’s, we highlight the fast food giant for their catchy Pavlonian tune.

What can you learn from McDonald’s? That jingles can be powerful tools that get the attention of customers. Regardless of the commercial topic or the music, a McDonald’s commercial will always have their “I’m Lovin’ It” tune towards the end, making their advertisements recognizable and pretty addictive. Raise your hand if you’re humming the McDonald jingle right now.


#3. Telus 

Unlike iconic branding we’ve already discussed where just one piece was truly iconic and fitted into whatever current theme the business wanted, Telus honed in on iconic marketing to the core: adorable animals, a crisp white background, nostalgic music and the Telus Font.

What can you learn from Telus? This is branding at its finest. Once you’ve seen a Telus advertisement, you won’t mistake it for anything else, and in a competitive business market, you want your business – not your competitor’s – to stand out in the minds of potential customers.


#4. Kodak 

Kodak is worth a mention not so much because of its innovative visual branding but because they managed to turn a cliche into a colloquial expression with “Make it a Kodak moment”, equating photo cameras with the Kodak – and just the Kodak – brand, effectively gaining an advantage over the competition.

What can you learn from Kodak? That it’s important to focus on what’s different about your business, what you can offer your customers that your competitors can’t.


#5. T-Mobile

The T-Mobile Girl hasn’t been around too long but already she’s iconic. Originally, as you’ll see in the commercial below, she represented a 4G phone – much like Apple and PC were represented by people in Apple advertisements a few years back. Nowadays, however, the T-Mobile Girl is the official spokesperson of T-Mobile.

What can you learn from T-Mobile? The T-Mobile Girl was a crowd favourite so T-Mobile wisely chose to respond to customer demands and expanded her role from phone simile to full-on spokesperson. In conclusion? If you find something that generates interest from your potential customers, fully integrate it into your marketing campaign.


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