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super bowl marketing tacticsThe Super Bowl isn’t just a popular sports event, it’s a business, and here’s how the Super Bowl sponsors use Integrated Marketing Strategies to ensure their ROI and ratings.

1. Social Media 

You can follow NFL Super Bowl news on Twitter and Facebook and keep up to date with the latest updates. Social Media allows the Super Bowl sponsors to answer any questions or rumours about the Super Bowl and advertise  their own businesses and services. Social Media can work for you in the same way – you can interact with your customers, answer questions/concerns and offer them the latest news about your business.

2. Official Website 

The Super Bowl website is a thing of beauty: it features a user-friendly interface, news on former Super Bowl players and a Twitter stream cleverly known as the Huddle. Take a lesson from their SEO success, you want a website that’s very easy to navigate, that features interesting content and articles and, most importantly, that interlinks all your platforms together (video, social media, website, blog, etc.) Learn more about how CastleCS can create your business a high-scoring website today.

3. Video 

Videos tend to get the most SEO-love from search engines, so it’s worth investing in professional videos that highlight your business. The Super Bowl features video interviews with coaches, players, reporters and video highlights of past games. Market like the Super Bowl and feature interviews with CEOs, managers, your team and highlights of your services and products on your website.

4. Blog 

The Super Bowl Blog features opinion pieces that encourage discussion in the comments from fans. Give your customers a platform to express their opinions about the latest news in your business and give feedback about your products and services, and you’ll take your company to the next level.

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