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The typical cost of a Super Bowl commercial that airs during the Big Game can average between $3-$4 million dollars – and that’s a lot of money for just the cost of placement of a video that isn’t guaranteed to increase product sales. In fact, experts say that while Super Bowl commercials increase excitement and anticipation for the Super Bowl itself, there isn’t any significant return on investment in terms of product sales. super bowl marketing ROI

Super Bowl commercials only increase video consumption, not product sales. In other words, fans enjoy the Super Bowl game as much as they enjoy the Super Bowl commercials, but those $3 million dollar spots aren’t worth the effort in terms of actual product sales they generate. Here’s what you can learn about Super Bowl commercials and what video marketing can actually do for your business, brought to you by the marketing experts at Advertising Agency CastleCS.

Super Bowl commercials are excellent for brand recognition and brand awareness. However, with the associated price tag, only companies that have the necessary revenue can afford to air a commercial during the Super Bowl. Putting that aside, a Super Bowl commercial is really just the chance to reach millions of viewers all at once – and who doesn’t want that?

The good news is that you don’t need to pay $3 million dollars for a television spot on the Super Bowl that won’t give you a decent ROI or any increase in product sales. At the end of the day, the purpose of a commercial is to stimulate product sales, not video consumption, but if $3 million dollar commercials can’t stimulate product sales, what will?

The answer? A complete online marketing campaign that will allow your potential consumers to discover your brand, products, and services! It’s not cost-prohibitive and can generate sales – or at least awareness of your brand and products – at a fraction of the cost of a Super Bowl commercial.

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