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filming with CastleCS Marketing “Universal Search” on Google combines all query search results (web, images, videos, maps, etc.) into one page of content. Business Videos are generally at the top of each page which means they get a good share of attention and SEO love.

With a business video strategically placed on your website, there is a much higher chance of obtaining First Page Ranking.

At CastleCS, we work with your business to create high-quality video SEO content (infomercials, advertisements, interviews, testimonials) that will get you and your business noticed.

Five Reasons Why Business Video Works for SEO:

1. Google’s current search engine algorithm considers time spent on a page to be an indication of quality – ie. the more time a visitor spends on a page, the more Google ranks that page as higher in quality. Business Video SEO can help your pages earn a higher-quality rating.

video marketing with CastleCS2. YouTube outranks all other online video providers for video SEO. At CastleCS, we’ll not only create and embed a video to your website pages, we’ll create a YouTube account just for your business.

3. Videos are great for sharing and linking. Social media is a powerful tool in today’s online environment and business videos that are informative and entertaining have a greater chance of going viral and promoting your business through search engines.

4. Video conversions are extremely important. At CastleCS, we can optimize your video into an audio-only podcast, a transcript with screen shots, targeted keywords, a PDF or a power point. For excellent SEO results, video can’t be simply video anymore.

5. Business videos increase traffic and at CastleCS, we can increase your traffic or build up your brand through video content.

Come in for your free consultation and we’ll discuss your objectives with you and do our best, as your marketing systems partner, to meet and surpass those objectives.