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Writing headlines that grab a reader’s attention and force them to spend some of their time reading your content is remarkably important in today’s fast-paced world. Not only are attention-grabbing headlines important, they are valuable tools for connecting with potential clients and attracting attention to your website/company, so read on for a few tips on crafting that perfect headline.

1. Writing headlines that work should take time

Think of your headline as a teaser. It should entice a reader to want to know more, but it shouldn’t give away the whole story. Overly long, overly boring or overly descriptive headlines just invite the eyes to glaze over and won’t generate any interest in the actual content.

2. A headline must be intriguing on its own

With the advent of social media and online word-of-mouth, it’s extremely important that your headline can perform – do its job to hook a reader – without a subtitle or a snippet of the article. If your post is tweeted or shared on Facebook or an RSS feed, your headline may be the only thing a potential reader gets to see before deciding whether or not to pursue the link. Writing headlines that demand attention and don’t give any maybe-reader a choice; get them curious enough to click on your content.

3. Know your audience

You must keep your audience in mind not just when writing an article but also when writing headlines. The tone of your headline should match the tone of your piece. It must be optimized for SEO and social media shares. Keep the headline short and snappy, helping to generate interest and grab the attention of someone scanning the feeds for news.

You spend a lot of time writing your content. Don’t jeopardize all your hard work with a poor headline and write (and rewrite and rewrite) a headline that does your piece justice.