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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to success in a world that does most of its business online. Read on to find out how you can get your company noticed by search engines like Google and Yahoo and learn the myths (and truths) about SEO and Search Engine Algorithms.

1. SEO is essential to business success

TRUE: According to Comscore, a) the majority of a company’s sales are made online or b) are a result of online research, but a company that doesn’t show up in a search won’t be making any sales. With the right SEO keywords, Search Engine Algorithms can bring your business to the attention of online users and potential clients.

2. Add SEO keywords to your website pages and you’ll get results

HALF-FALSE: Establishing and implementing keywords is only the first battle in winning the First Page Rank war. Potential clients use thousands of different keywords to search for the same thing and you’ll need to cover all your bases to get any love from Search Engine Algorithms. On top of that, you should monitor keyword success and practice White Hat SEO to avoid getting blacklisted by search engines.

3. Social Media Connections don’t relate to SEO

FALSE: You can think of it as online word-of-mouth. Genuine users who ‘like’, ‘follow’ or blog about your company will improve your SEO rankings by search engines, but to get that connection with a client or potential client, you have to consider your branding, quality content, user behaviour and social sharing.

4. SEO shouldn’t be a priority, just something to do after your business takes off

FALSE: Get well ahead of your competition by starting SEO early and showing up in search engines months before any rival business. Strong SEO builds on itself and your branding and helps your company climb the page ranks, but no matter when you start SEO, you have to work at it, so SEO as soon as possible.

5.    SEO works well on its own

HALF-TRUE: SEO will get you results but Integrated SEO will get you better results on search engines. You have to monitor social media, marketing (pay-per-click, offline etc.), updated Search Engine Algorithms, editorial content and branding in addition to SEO to achieve a good ranking for your business. As well, your website design and content is crucial for SEO that works.

6. SEO is expensive

HALF-TRUE: A good SEO strategy pays for itself but it’s critical to budget according to your SEO needs and where you are currently in search engine rankings. Don’t neglect to include your market share, your niche size and the response rate of website visitors in your budget calculations.

7. Head keywords are key

FALSE: If you have just titled your site “Bananas: We Sell Bananas”, you’ve got a long way to go. Filling the <head> tags of your website is essential. Not only do you have to figure out which keywords are most important, but you must consider how to work as many keywords into your title and still provide suitable information for Search Engine Algorithms without the accusation of “keyword stuffing”.

8. SEO can’t function without Response Metrics

TRUE: SEO isn’t much good to you if you don’t monitor visitor numbers and lengths and bounce rate on your website. Response Metrics such as Google Analytics allow you to establish and accomplish goals, and help you decide if your SEO is optimized enough for search engines and for your business to succeed.

9. Beware the Google Panda

TRUE: Panda is a new Google Search Engine Algorithms that culls low-quality websites from the top of the search engine ranks. If you want to avoid getting your organic visits cut in half, pay attention to your website’s content, behaviour and branding data. Panda isn’t infallible and even high-quality websites can fail Panda’s quality control so keep the new algorithm in mind when creating SEO.

10. SEO is just about the keywords

HALF-TRUE: SEO keywords are very important, but search engine algorithms (including Panda) place emphasis on branding, social media and website data. User experience is now the most important thing in the New SEO.

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