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Did you know that companies now sell the majority of their products on their website rather than in-store? Or that the most common way for a company to be discovered by potential clients is through online research? Now is truly the best time to discover your website effectiveness.

Through Google Analytics, Keyword Ranking Tools and other SEO products, it should be simple to monitor your website effectiveness. However, what happens when you discover that your visitors are staying on your business website for 1.5 seconds and then bouncing?

Discover the Castle Difference for an Effective Website

Your website can’t be just a virtual storefront for your company. It must attract and educate visitors and turn those visitors into customers. At CastleCS, we can make your website into a fully-integrated marketing machine for a high level of website effectiveness.

Effective Websites Are all about the Customer

Buyer behaviour dictates a website’s ranking in search engines – it can get your website noticed by Google, Yahoo and Bing and earn you revenue. The team at CastleCS is skilled at analysing buyer behaviour data and improving traffic to your website, making it a more effective marketing tool for your business.

Content, Content, Content dictates how Effective your Website Will Be

Informative and entertaining content attracts potential buyers and inbound links from other websites. CastleCS can design and deliver high-quality, user-friendly, content for stronger website effectiveness.

Request a consultation today to discover how to maximize your website effectiveness and take your business to the Next Level.