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These days, you need to engage in “Cause Marketing” so that your prospects and customers can clearly see that:

• Your business is committed to specific causes and initiatives
• Your business is proud of this fact and wants everyone to know
• When people do business with your company, they’re also making a difference

Generally, there are 6 steps that lead to effective and beneficial Cause Marketing:

Cause Marketing Step 1: Believe in what you’re doing.
Identify a cause, or causes, that resonate on a meaningful level with your entire staff. When people believe in something, they not only enjoy it more (even when it’s difficult and challenging), but they achieve better results.

Cause Marketing Step 2: Align a cause with your organization.
Strategically aligning yourself with a cause not only helps it “make more sense” to your employees, but it also helps your patients, clients and customers grasp why you’ve chosen that particular cause.

Cause Marketing Step 3: Think outside the wallet.
When it comes to making your Cause Marketing commitments, explore ways that you can give your time, knowledge, or some other non-financial contribution.

Cause Marketing Step 4: Cross promote.
The group(s) that you associate with have their own marketing channels and tactics, and you certainly want to be part of that.

Cause Marketing Step 5: Formalize the campaign.
You want to formalize your campaign and treat it with the same professional attention that you do any other serious marketing initiative.

Cause Marketing Step 6: Get the expert help you need.
Partner with an Integrated Marketing Firm who can help you achieve your Cause Marketing goals for today’s consumers, and ensure that you create – and reap – the benefits that come from your worthy efforts.

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