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Moms are notoriously difficult to shop for, but CastleCS has made it easier than ever with our guide to the unique gifts that mom will love this Christmas season, including:

unique gifts for momiConvert Instant Slide & Negative Scanner
Family photos stuck in the past? Give mom the gift of memories this year with the iConvert Instant Slide & Negative Scanner. The simple device makes it easy to convert old slides and negatives to high-resolution digital files before they have the chance to fade or crack. There’s nothing like re-discovering all those old embarrassing photos from the past. Learn more.

Personalized Puzzles
Is your mom a puzzle addict? Get her a personalized photo puzzle of you two together, a family portrait, or a picture of the family dog. Just select the size you would like and upload the digital image and your puzzle will be instantly created. Choose from 25, 1130, 252 or 500 pieces. Learn more.

unique gifts for momOnion Goggles
Your mom will no longer have an excuse not to cook your favourite meal with her stylish, new onion goggles. These comfortable glasses are one-size-fit-all and comfortably block out the unwanted fumes that come from chopping onions. With onion goggles, there are no more tears! Learn more.

Fly-Goodbye Vacuum Gun
Not just useful for moms, this Fly-Goodbye Vacuum Gun is the best way to get rid of annoying flies, mosquitos or other annoying bugs that nobody wants to have to deal with. The gun allows its user to suck up the offending bug, depositing them into a removable tube into a disposable fly trap cartridge. Learn more.

gifts for momDidn’t Always Listen Customized Frame Poem
There’s nothing Moms love hearing more than “you were right” or “I should’ve listened to you”. So, why not get the message across loud and clear in a customized I Didn’t Always Listen” framed poem. This heart-warming print comes in a wood frame to remind your mom how much you should have listened to her loving, wise advice. Learn more.

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