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In ancient days — which, by today’s hyper-fast standards, were about 3 years ago — business videos were known by a more traditional term: commercials.

And that means they were expensive, risky (you never quite knew if you had target viewer attention, or even target viewers — period), and generally treated with suspicion by folks who wanted to get back to their regularly scheduled programming. That part hasn’t changed much.

But now, online business videos – when done correctly – are a high-ROI investment that builds trust, generates business, and can be used across multiple channels: web, YouTube, directories, videoblogs, microsites, email marketing, and yes, that old fashioned medium known as TV. And let’s not forget the SEO value, which has the potential to eclipse all other benefits and take a business to the next level in a matter of months – sometimes even weeks.

So put all of that together, and it’s easy to see why, each day, more businesses are using – or, rather, trying to use — videos to promote their business, get more customers, increase profits, and get to the next level.

Unfortunately, most of these businesses are failing. Big time.

Here’s the story: just because many businesses (especially smaller ones) are creating videos to spread their message, that doesn’t mean that they’re doing a good job. In fact, even a quick glance at what’s going on out there on the ‘net reveals that the vast majority of attempts range from “that’s pretty bad” to “oh no, please, don’t do that – please!”
What’s going on? It’s simple, scary and kind of frustrating. Most businesses have the best of intentions, but they frankly don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to creating videos. As a result, the videos they create either don’t work or, often, are counter-productive. That is, instead of generating business, they repel it. Instead of distinguishing brand, they erode it. Instead of impressing prospects, they irritate or confuse them.

Like we said, it’s simple, scary and frustrating. But NOT hopeless!

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