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Examples of GREAT Online Videos

In CastleCS’s recent article on online video marketing and advertising in Fresh Vancouver Magazine, we posed the question that today’s consumers ask about every business: “Why Doesn’t Your Business Have Online Video?”

Online videos for your business are a critical – and large — piece of the marketing, advertising and communication puzzle but bad online videos – such as home-made, poor sound quality, non-HD videos – can actually hurt your business instead of promoting it to your consumers and putting you ahead of your competition.

Great online videos are essential to any business that wants to stay top-of-mind and connected in today’s hyper-competitive business markets. Online videos for your business need to be authentic, informative, interesting and relevant to your consumers – and they need to be optimized for SEO and relevant keyword search terms.

Want examples of great online videos that generate interest and potential clients for businesses? Check out a sample of online videos from expert marketing and advertising agency CastleCS below.


Example 1: Arbutus North Dental Centre Online Video – Dr. Florence Lockhart 

A personal business video about Dr. Florence Lockhart, dentist at Arbutus North Dental Centre and La Vita Dental Centre.

Example 2: allBall Academy Online Video 

allBall Academy encourages its young achievers to be their very best, in basketball and in life.


Example 3: Coquitlam Family Orthodontics Online Video 

Coquitlam Family Orthodontics is a family-oriented orthodontic practice in the heart of Coquitlam.


Example 4: Nature’s Design Dental Spa Online Video 

Nature’s Design Dental Spa offers A to Z Dentistry in Delta and Tsawwassen.

Don’t have online video for your business yet? Connect with CastleCS and find out just how cost-effective and great marketing tools online videos can be for your business.