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Marketing Agency Tips: How YOU Get Noticed


The CastleCS Marketing Agency Process: Our Difference

1. Brand Analysis

At CastleCS, each marketing and advertising venture begins with a detailed Brand Analysis, allowing our marketing agency team to learn more about your business, goals and desires.

Our Brand Analysis includes detailed research on your target customer base and the current and upcoming trends in the industry.


2. Marketing Overview

In this part of the marketing process, we put our heads together to decide the design concepts, features and marketing strategies to achieve the goals you have set. We’re your marketing agency, and as such, we work to extend your reach–maximizing brand awareness to access a whole new level of potential customers.

After initial planning and development, you will receive a Marketing Strategy Overview that will detail exactly how your project will be executed.


3. Design

The design team at CastleCS Marketing & Advertising will now work to create a unique branding design template. From websites and online banner ads to signage and window posters, our marketing agency design team will always take your brand messaging and your potential client interaction into consideration.

In the early stages of design development, a preview will be sent to you in order to confirm that we have accomplished the goals you set during initial planning.


4. Implementation

After our design previews have been approved, our team works to quickly turn the marketing process into a reality. The Integrated Creative Content will be developed and distributed through multiple media channels. This approach will deliver brand consistency and continuity, reputation, internal marketing, external advertising, SEO, and Practice Management value.


5. Optimization

As your marketing campaign goes live, the CastleCS optimization team goes into action–ensuring that your marketing performance is exceeding the goals you set forth. Our optimization team monitors, tracks and analyzes your campaign using the advanced tools and techniques at our disposal, including Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Adwords, Email Marketing and Keyword Analysis. With this step, CastleCS will take your business to the Next Level.

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