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Online Video Marketing for Your Business

Video Marketing that works FOR your Business

Establish Authority, Boost Visibility, Increase Lifetime Customer Value and Get to the Next Level

business video vancouver marketingIn today’s sophisticated digital marketplace, video marketing does one of two things for your business: it either impresses your future customers and inspires them to connect with you – or it depresses your future customers and sends them racing to your competition. It’s that simple. And the stakes are truly that high.

➤ Your focus? Get Video Marketing that works FOR your company, so that you can make the right impression and take your business to the next level.

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At CastleCS, we’ve helped out clients experience a 33% increase in Google search results. Did you know that a video result is 53x more likely to produce first page ranking on Google than through traditional SEO techniques?

Through testimonial and brand videos our clients have the advantage of:
• Connecting to potential customers through a real-life medium.
• Giving their audience a sense of security and confidence.

CastleCS Video Marketing Vancouver

Video marketing helps your brand get noticed, resulting in higher google rankings, increased client interaction, and a greater sense of security and confidence in your business.

Whether you are looking for a 30 second flash commercial or a series of testimonial videos, CastleCS will work to create the ideal video that will take your brand and your business to the Next Level.

CastleCS Video Marketing

CastleCS is not a video marketing factory that churns out ineffective “webcam-quality” videos – the kind that sends customers racing in the other direction. Rather, we create compelling, professional marketing content that informs, impresses and inspires, and takes our high-performance clients to the next level. Our Video Marketing solutions include:

• End-to-End Video Production (Concept, Storyboard, Filming, Post-Production, Editing)
• Integration with 3rd Party Media
• Visual Effects
• Uploading to Key Internet Channels
• Testimonials and Reputation Management
• Custom Formats, including HD and Mobile-Friendly
• Flash Video
• Content Creation
• Search Engine Marketing
• Analytics and Tracking
• Channel Content and Digital Asset Integration
• and more!

The CastleCS Way to Video Marketing

Our approach to Video Marketing that works FOR your business is built on a proven 6-step process designed to achieve optimal results:

CastleCS Video marketing processStep 1 — Consultation: We carefully analyze your specific marketing and advertising needs, and identify your goals and vision. Whether need a 30-second introduction video or a series of educational videos, CastleCS will work to create a video that perfectly matches your vision.

castlecs video marketing processStep 2 — Action Plan: We develop a clear and measurable Video Marketing action plan that identifies how we’ll transform your expectations into reality. We will construct a shooting schedule and plan that will capture the goals you wish to achieve with your business video.

castlecs video marketing processStep 3 — Shooting: The CastleCS Video Team strives to create a business video session that makes you feel comfortable during the entire production process. The CastleCS Video Team are trained professionals and work hard to complete all filming and interviews in a relaxed, stress-free environment.

castlecs video marketing processStep 4 – Post Production:After the initial video shoot, we get to work to bring all the footage together. After performing certain lighting tweaks, editing the footage, and stylizing the video, we end up with a polished video seamlessly linked with animated sequences.

castlecs video marketing processStep 5: — Launch: The CastleCS Video Marketing difference shines through in our distribution of your newly developed business video. After the video has been approved, Castle works to create multiple file formats for distribution to your web presences, mobile sites, digital signage, TV broadcast, and more.

castlecs video marketing processStep 6: — Enhance: We track and monitor performance, and real data to enhance results. Performing advanced online video SEO and PPC/PPM tactics, CastleCS works to extend your reach and tap into a whole new market of potential customers.

Connect with the Video Marketing Experts

Six steps, one goal: taking your business to the next level. That’s the CastleCS way. And it’s your way to get compelling Video Marketing that works FOR your business – and not against it. Because anything less just isn’t acceptable.

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