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Reputation Marketing

The CastleCS Reputation Marketing System (RMS): Protect and Promote your Reputation

social media vancouver marketingIn the past, reputation marketing was little more than trying to make a customer happy so that he or she would spread the good word. Those days are over!

In today’s hyper-connected digital world, it’s not enough to take a passive, hands-off approach to protecting and promoting your reputation. On the contrary, it’s essential for your long-term success and growth to actively:

  • Reach out into top social networking sites where your customers connect and congregate so that you can influence the conversation
  • Strategically manage how your business is perceived and promoted across the digital landscape
  • Tactically out-manoeuvre your competition to ensure that they aren’t encroaching on your digital territory – and stealing your current and future customers
  • Enable your business to be a respected AUTHORITY in your space that reaches out through all high-impact social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, Google Maps, Google Places and more — to foster communication and engagement with your target market

And to achieve all of this in an efficient, cost-effective and measurably successful manner, you also need a Proven Partner who makes your reputation management work for your business – not against it. That solution is the CastleCS Reputation Marketing System (RMS).

Our team of proven experts:

  • Strategically manage your business’ online identity so that your identity is informed, accurate, found in “all of the right places” (and none of the wrong ones!)
  • Strategically manage your reviews and testimonials so that what’s written about you is you is ideally fair and positive – and that you quickly and appropriately intervene when it’s not.
  • Strategically manage your Search Engine positioning/rankings so that when future customers search for your business online through Google or any other search engine, they’re provided with links that help them connect with you – and not a competitor or some other third party website.
  • Strategically manage your Social Media presence and influence so that today’s and tomorrow’s fans can engage with your business in familiar, friendly and informal “social” terms.
  • Strategically manage your competition’s tactics so that they aren’t manipulating the situation in order to steer your word of mouth customers to their business.
  • Strategically manage your website so that it clearly and professionally establishes your brand, engages visitors, educates them in an appropriate (non-overwhelming) manner, and inspires them to take desired action.

The Bottom Line?

At CastleCS, we help high performance clients like you win the Reputation Marketing game in the new digital world – so that you’re effectively protecting your business’ identity, and at the same time blowing past your competition and establishing yourself as an authority in your marketplace.

That’s the proven power, promise and payoff of the CastleCS Reputation Marketing System (RMS).

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