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Mobile Business Websites & Mobile Business Marketing

CastleCS: Your Mobile Websites & Mobile Marketing EXPERTS

mobile marketing mobile websitesiPads, iPhones, MIDs, PC tablets, Blackberry devices, Google Android iOS smartphones…and the list gets bigger every day. These are the new gateways in today’s digital marketplace.

And that means the race is on to get ahead of your competition and connect with the growing number of people who are leaving their computers behind, and choosing to surf, select and shop on-the-go any time, anywhere.

Your job? Get ready to race. Our job? To make sure that you WIN!

As your mobile website and mobile marketing EXPERTS, CastleCS has the in-house experience, resources and talent to cost-effectively:

  • Create your functional, elegant, efficiently designed and fast-loading mobile website
  • Add your mobile website to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo – all of which index mobile sites separately from non-mobile websites
  • Integrate your mobile website with your main business (non-mobile) website, so that you’re sending consistent and high-impact messages across both channels
  • Enable your customers to conveniently make purchases on your mobile website – which is something more clients are doing each day
  • Enhance your mobile website with mobile apps, which help your business stay “top of mind” with current customers while reaching new ones
  • Manage every phase of your customized mobile marketing strategy so that you can focus on taking your business to the next level

The Bottom Line

The Internet is rapidly changing, and mobile technology is leading the way. That means the key question you need to ask isn’t: “Why should I have a mobile website?

Instead, it’s: “How can I cost-effectively and strategically put a mobile website and mobile marketing strategy in place to increase my customers, revenues and profits – and keep my competition safely in the rear-view mirror?

The answer to that multi-million dollar question is clear and simple: connect with CastleCS. We’re the EXPERTS who make mobile websites and mobile marketing work for your business.

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