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All-Inclusive Branding

The Branding Company that Makes your STATEMENT

Memorably Connect with your Marketplace, Stake Your Claim on your Territory, and Get to the Next Level

branding marketing vancouver What is a brand? It’s not just a logo, a letterhead, a color scheme, or a tagline. Your brand is the foundation of your business identity, it’s the unifying force that rallies your team to achieve new heights, it’s the element that brings into alignment your advertising and marketing mix, and it’s the flag you fly in your marketplace – it’s what must make a powerful and influential STATEMENT of who you are, how you can help, and why you’re the best.

Get your STATEMENT right and elevate your business to the next level. Get it wrong…and head in the other direction. You clearly know which way you need to go. And CastleCS will take you there.

CastleCS: The Branding Company that Makes Your STATEMENT

CastleCS is not an ordinary branding company. We’re an expert force that goes far beyond logos and letterheads. We position our high-performance clients to make a powerful brand STATEMENT in their marketplace and take their business to the next level. Our Branding solutions include:

• Complete Corporate Identity Packages
• Evolution and Re-Invention of Existing Brands
• Brand Creation for New Enterprises or Divisions
• Complete Brand Definition (Mission, Vision, Core Value Propositions, Promises)
• Target Market Research
• Marketplace Scan and Competitive Analysis
• Visual Brand Design
• Integration of Offline and Online Properties/Assets
• Staff Training on Brand Messaging and Development
• And more!

The CastleCS Way to Branding Success

Our ability to make your powerful, persuasive and profound brand STATEMENT is based on a proven 6-step process:

Step 1 — Consultation: We invest time to carefully understand your unique corporate personality. We define and refine the four corners of your brand framework and develop the core value propositions that set you apart from – and above – your competition.

Step 2 — Action Plan: We create a customized action plan that turns your brand identification into tangible collateral. It’s how we bring your brand “to life” in a strategically efficient and cost-effective manner.

Step 3 — Solutions: We develop brand solutions that specifically fit your needs and goals. That also means if we don’t think a solution is right for you, we’ll tell you. We take your success as seriously as you do.

Step 4 — Tactics: We integrate agility into your action plan to ensure that we have the tactical manoeuvrability to respond to beneficial branding opportunities as they emerge.

Step 5: — Launch: We handle every aspect of your branding action plan – from concept through to tracking results. We enable you to focus 100% on running your business, while we handle everything from details to design.

Step 6: — Enhance: We track and monitor branding performance – including mindshare, marketshare and new customer generation – to enhance your projects and campaigns.

Connect with the Branding Company that Makes your STATEMENT

Six steps, one goal: taking your business to the next level. That’s the CastleCS way. And it’s your way to make the powerful, persuasive and profound branding STATEMENT you need to get to the next level. Because anything less just isn’t acceptable.

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