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Marketing Plans, Communication Plans, Branding Systems and More with Vancouver’s CastleCS

CastleCS is a full service internal/external marketing communications, branding and strategic planning firm that creates your efficient, dynamic and profitable High Performance Environment (HPE).

The CastleCS Integrated Marketing approach lets us give you more for less – which is our not-so-secret formula for delivering measurable value, building robust relationships that last, and taking your business to the next level.

Below you’ll find our suite of customized, results-based marketing and communication systems:

website marketing vancouver bcWebsites: CastleCS is not a template “website mill” that doles out generic, just-add-water websites that utterly fail to impress, inspire and inform. Rather, we’re a leading edge Web Development force that exclusively works with high-performance clients who want to take their business to the next level. Learn more about website development at CastleCS.

Carevision HD video marketingIn-Office HD Video System: Our CareVision HD System (for Dental Marketing) and RetailVision HD System (for Retail Marketing) are both specifically designed to reach your customers in the comfort of your environment – which is when they’re attentive and open-minded. Learn more about the CastleCS In-Office HD Video System.

business video vancouver marketingBusiness Video: Get Video Marketing that works FOR your company, so that you can make the right impression and take your business to the next level. Did you know that a video result is 53x more likely to produce first page ranking on Google than through traditional SEO techniques? Learn more about business video at CastleCS.

branding marketing vancouver bcBranding :We ensure that your core branding components align and synergize to establish your unique business identity and set you apart from – and above – the competition. Learn more about the CastleCS Branding System.

social media vancouver marketingReputation Marketing: We empower you to take ownership of your strategic Reputation Marketing, and use tools and tactics to influence it across an expanding array of digital channels and platforms. Learn more about the CastleCS Reputation Marketing System.

internet marketing seo vancouver bcSearch Engine Optimization (SEO): We create targeted, cost-effective Internet Marketing, Social Media and SEO solutions that target and reach the customers who want, need and wish to connect with you right now. Learn more about the CastleCS Internet Marketing & SEO System.

mobile marketing mobile websitesMobile Websites & Mobile Marketing: The race is on to get ahead of your competition and connect with the growing number of people who are leaving their computers behind, and choosing to surf, select and shop on-the-go any time, anywhere. Learn more about mobile websites and mobile marketing with CastleCS.

signage CastleCSSignage: Engage your internal and external audiences with compelling, on-message Print and Digital Signage that gets you NOTICED in a staggeringly crowded marketplace. Our approach to Print and Digital Signage that gets your NOTICED is based on a proven 6-step process designed for impact, influence and result. Learn more about CastleCS Print & Digital Signage.

referral rewards programReferral Rewards: At CastleCS, we have the proven, cost-effective and results-based Referral Rewards & Loyalty Programs to help you maximize the lifetime value of your current customers, add new high-margin customers, and separate yourself from the competition. Learn more about creating referral rewards and loyalty programs with CastleCS.

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