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Marketing & Advertising Testimonials for Vancouver Agency CastleCS



CastleCS: Client Testimonials and Marketing Reviews

 “Thanks for being so amazing and easy to deal with.”

– Tracy, Manager at Winnipeg Square Dental

“Working with CastleCS has transformed my view of what’s possible for my practice. Our patients are opting for more of the procedures that I want to deliver and at every exposure to my team and my new internal or external marketing systems we’re taking a step forward in exposing patients to the value we bring to their lives. This truly is “the next level”.

– Dr. Lockhart, Arbutus North Dental

Everyone should have a marketing guru like you. I love what you’ve done to capture our brand and create our new website, our in-office video, and our marketing campaigns. And my team really engages when you speak at our staff meetings. You’re making my practice fly.”

– Dr. Aminzadeh, Solace Dental.

“Roger is a visionary who knows with remarkable precision how to usher his clients through the confusing, dizzying and sometimes dangerous marketing maze so they can safely and successfully achieve their goals. Or in simpler terms: Roger is THE executive that clients call when they want to win the marketing game. His strategic insights on marketing, the marketplace, and the people on both sides of the buying/selling equation are on a totally different level than most self-described “marketing gurus.” Roger is the real deal, a consummate professional, and, no doubt, the SMARTEST marketing decision that his long (long) list of satisfied clients have ever made.”

– J. Kalra, AbundantWords

“We love our in-office video – it’s very high quality, and we’re doing more and more Invisalign and cosmetic work. Looking forward to the next stage – there’s so much we can learn from you about branding and profiling our customers.”

– Dr. Del Rosario

CareVision HD is the product that I personally, and the community generally, has been waiting a long time for. The custom-branded videos are so strategic and made with such high quality that they have a tremendous influence on patients while they’re waiting. What an excellent way to make patients aware of the potential of dentistry to benefit their lives, while providing the ability to run marketing campaigns for high margin products and services.

– L. Anderson, ADEI Practice Management

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