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Secrets of Dental Marketing: Lessons Learned from Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Secrets of Dental Marketing: Lessons Learned from Comprehensive Treatment Plans

As a dentist, your goal is to take your dental practice to the NEXT LEVEL — but how do you get there, and which way do you go? Read on, and I’ll share with you one of the best kept secrets on how to get there rapidly and profitably.

From Treatment Plans to Marketing Plans

Let’s start with something totally familiar to you: Treatment Plans. As you know, Treatment Plans help you build solutions around the unique needs of your patients in a clear, organized, valuable and affordable way. And in the same light, a Dental Marketing Plan — when it’s crafted by a proven and experienced Dental Marketing Advisor does exactly the same thing for your practice. Let’s look at each characteristic so you can immediately understand the fundamentals at work here.


Treatment Plans are catch-all documents that pull all of the dental solutions that you’ll be providing to your client in a clear and logical way. You don’t have to hunt down files and notes and cross-referenced this and that. Instead, you simply pull out your Treatment Plan (or put it on the screen), and voila: it’s all clearly there. No hassle, no confusion, no wasted time.

Your Dental Marketing Plan must achieve the same level of clarity. Even if your strategies are complex or multi-faceted, you need to be able to “pull it up” anytime (yes, even at 3:30am because you had a great idea) to see, with refreshing clarity, where you’ve been, where you’re going, and where you are.


A Treatment Plan lives (or dies) based on how it’s organized. You need to map out, in a specific order, what dental solutions you’re going to provide – so that it all works together and flows in a linear direction. After all, your patients won’t allow you to “back up” and re-do something because your Treatment Plan wasn’t organized. It all has to flow in an orderly, organized fashion.

Your Dental Marketing Plan must achieve the same organizational excellence. In my experience, this is often the weakest part of any Dental Marketing Plan – and the (missing) factor that sends it off the rails. All of your marketing strategies and tactics must be progressively elaborated upon. What you tell your patients today must build on what you told them last month, and feed into what you’ll do for them next month. That not only keeps your Dental Marketing Plan efficient and reliable, but it keeps it cost-effective, too. Backing up is expensive. Re-doing things is even more expensive. A disorganized Dental Marketing Plan is a money pit waiting to hatch open and swallow your practice.


Your Treatment Plan isn’t technically your Treatment Plan. It’s your patient’s Treatment Plan. And for them to take ownership of it, they (obviously) must be able to see its value. Indeed, while you may be passionate about delivering everything from one-visit crowns to high performance customized mouthguards, your patients won’t choose to accept your plan unless they see the value and benefits.

Your Dental Marketing Plan faces the same criteria. Everything on it has to make financial sense, and answer an ROI challenge (obviously with more R than I). This may sound obvious, but it’s easy to get lost in the “marketing jargon” and lose sight of where your money is going and, even more importantly, why it’s going one place instead of another. Rest assured, a credible Marketing Advisor will not merely support your financial inquiries, but he or she will invite it, and give you the answers you need to make your Marketing Plan both valuable.


A Treatment Plan may be clear. It may be organized. It may be valuable. But if it’s not affordable, then it’s not a Treatment Plan. Your patient must find the plan affordable, because you don’t satisfy them if you fix one problem (crooked teeth, gummy smile, and so on) but create another (huge debt).

You need to afford your Dental Marketing Plan, too. If that affordability isn’t there, then it’s a financial disaster waiting to happen. Don’t agree with everything that your Dental Marketing Advisor tells you to buy. Challenge. Ask. Argue. Get the answers you need. Only after you’ve agreed on the affordability of a strategy or tactic should it find a place in your Dental Marketing Plan — never before.

Our Little Secret: Plan + Expertise = Success

As a dentist, there’s a good chance — probably 100%, and that’s quite good — that you aren’t an expert in Dental Marketing. And that makes sense. Why would you want to be an expert in that?

Your patients need their dentist to be an expert in dentistry. Your patients expect you to tell them what’s best and why, and to guide them through their journey to their desired outcome.

And that’s why, since you aren’t a dental marketing expert — and have no reason or desire to be — you need to turn to a proven, expert Dental Marketing Advisor to help you on your journey to taking your practice to the next level.

Why does marketing expertise matter so much? Because a Dental Marketing Plan isn’t an ordinary document (just like a comprehensive Treatment Plan isn’t an ordinary document). It’s a clear, organized, valuable and affordable tactical map that is going to make your practice more successful, profitable and enjoyable for you to lead. In other words, it’s going to take your practice to the NEXT LEVEL.

Get your Customized, Potent and Efficient Dental Marketing Plan

Just as your patients partner with you because of your expertise and the comprehensive Treatment Plans you provide, you need to partner with a proven Dental Marketing Advisor to get a solid Dental Marketing Plan in place – and that proven partner is CastleCS.

For years, we’ve helped dentists take their practice to the NEXT LEVEL through Dental Marketing Plans that are clear, organized, valuable and affordable — and, of course, designed for bottom-line results and long-term profitability.

Contact us today to book a free consultation and do it soon, before your competitors discover this “little secret” and puts it into action before you do…