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It’s Your Lucky Day March Promotion

This month, CastleCS is offering the “Today’s Your Lucky Day” balloon promotion. By opting in to the campaign, you will receive:

– an HTML email
– A custom blog posted across your social network
– 100 custom-printed balloons with sticks
– Cut-out promotional balloon stuffers.

You will be able to customize the balloon stuffers to add or subtract the promotional incentive offers.

Campaign Preview:

1. “Today’s Your Lucky Day” HTML Email
Sample 1
Sample 2

2. “Today’s Your Lucky Day” Blog (Also posted on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn)
Is Today Your Lucky Day? Find Out at Langley Laser Dental Centre!

3. 123Dentist.com Branded Balloons

4. Balloon Stuffers

Opt-in Form:

[contact-form-7 id=”1782″ title=”Monthly Campaign Opt-in”]

Step 3: HTML Email List

If you have never sent out an HTML email with CastleCS before, we require a list of your patients who have provided their email address and have agreed to receive emails from your dental clinic.

To create this list, follow the directions below:

  1. From any computer at the clinic running Tracker, in Tracker go to Reports | Other | Customized Report
  2. From the Report screen, click the Open button
  3. In the select screen, click on the file called Patients with email addresses and choose Open. This should populate the list of clients sorted by last name.
  4. Once the list is showing, click the Save to File button
  5. Choose the destination location, (eg. save to your desktop) and enter a file name but be sure to put .XLS at the end (eg. Patient List.xls), so it can be opened easily by excel.

After you have saved the file, email the excel sheet to liana@castlecs.com.