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We Speak Fluent  Social Responsibility Here. 

At CastleCS, we create customized, practical, business-focused and profit-generating systems that enable business leaders to be the “Kings and Queens of their castle.”

But our work is about much more than that.

It’s also about being socially responsible, giving back, and leading the way forward into a better tomorrow. That’s why our commitment to social responsibility follows two paths: fostering leadership and community development.

Fostering Leadership: Our work fosters current and future leaders, and teaches them to create lasting, sustainable business value in the communities where they live, work and serve. We help CEOs and other executives understand that refined vision, excellence and creativity are not merely good for the bottom-line; they’re good for the community and everyone in it. In other words, we help Kings and Queens of an organization understand that social responsibility is not separate from sustained business growth – it’s an expression of it, and in many ways, it’s the best and brightest expression of them all.

Community Development: We firmly believe in community, education, and entrepreneurship, and we demonstrate this commitment by supporting and engaging with local schools. Whether it be teaching entrepreneurship, mentoring, volunteering, or providing strategic support on digital communication initiatives, we actively participate in shaping the next generation of leaders in our community. Our commitment to the global community extends to support of credible, ethical and responsible global economic development initiatives such as kiva.org.

How so?

  • Our marketing experts teach every week at the Saint George’s Young Entrepreneur’s Club, helping the leaders of tomorrow gains the skills they need to be successful in business today.
  • We contribute to the community by offering CastleCS’s world-class services for free to help community programs reach their intended audience. Recently, we were honoured to help allBALL Basketball Academy througha  professional video shoot and professional video editing.

Ultimately, while our paths of social responsibility travel across different terrains, they’re complementary because they combine to power the vision of who we are. After all, underneath all of our crowns, we’re all in this together.

We’re CastleCS. And we speak fluent Social Responsibility here.

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