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Special Offer: The CastleCS Check-Up

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In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, business success depends on getting a “clean bill of health” when it comes to your marketing and advertising.

That means you need to ensure that your business is:

  1. Relying on the latest consumer research
  2. Maximizing your branding and positioning leverage
  3. Exploiting all suitable online and offline channels
  4. Realizing measurable, superior results

Get a  on all four, and your healthy business is headed to the next level.

Get an ✘ on one, some or even all of these, and your business will soon be on life support – which, as statistics tell us, is where the majority of businesses end up, especially in the few vulnerable years.

Your goal? Get ✔’s and avoid ✘’s. It’s really that simple. And what’s even simpler is scheduling your FREE CastleCS Check-Up. Here what you’ll enjoy:

✓  A review of your current advertising tactics to check that your vital signs are strong

✓  A review of your visible online presence to see if you enjoy a healthy reputation and peak positioning

✓  An SEO audit to see whether Google finds you nourishing or whether you’re giving them heartburn

✓  A gap analysis to identify competitors that would love to see you fall ill

✓  A best practice review to ensure that you’re deploying healthy habits

✓  A customized report highlighting 5 ways to improve your current marketing health

✓  A 15-minute consultation call to discuss the results of your check-up and help you boost your business health to optimal levels

marketing consultation vancouver

As one of our most popular offerings, the CastleCS Check-Up runs for $429. And considering that the customized business intelligence you’ll get should be worth at least 10 times that much, it’s a very good deal — if we do say so ourselves.