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Radio Advertising

A NEW Approach to Radio Advertising

Organized Media Buying and Complete Multi-Channel/Asset Integration that Takes You to the Next Level

Think that radio advertising these days is all about airtime and announcers? That was true in the past, and it’s still true in some advertising firms – which is really too bad for their disappointed and frustrated clients. Because that old-fashioned approach just doesn’t work anymore.

These days, radio has re-invented itself as an incredibly powerful, cost-effective and results-drive medium to attract, influence and create new customers. But the only way for clients to reap these rewards – and distance themselves from competitors – is to connect with proven experts who know how to deftly navigate the new world of radio. Experts like the ones at CastleCS Vancouver Marketing and Advertising.

CastleCS: A NEW Approach to Radio Advertising

CastleCS is not an old-fashioned, out-of-date radio advertising firm. We’re a dynamic team of radio advertising experts who enable our high-performance clients to take full advantage of the NEW approach to radio advertising – and, ultimately, take their business to the next level. Our radio advertising solutions include:

• Organized Media Buying
• Exposure Management
• Brand Definition and Messaging
• Special Programs
• Interviews and Features
• Contests and Promotions
• Coordination with all Digital Assets and Properties (e.g. Website, Social Media, etc.).
• Commercial Scripts
• Voice Talent
• End-to-End Production
• And more!

The CastleCS Way to Radio Advertising Success

Our NEW approach to radio advertising is based on a proven 6-step process, which is built for cost-efficiency, impact and results:

Step 1 — Consultation: We analyze your current marketplace positioning to identify your points of leverage – and your competition’s weaknesses. We collaborate with you to fully understand what you need to say, why you need to say it, when you need to say it, how you need to say it, to whom, and how often.

Step 2 — Action Plan: We develop a customized action plan that embraces your vision and clearly spells out the steps and phases required to efficiently and effectively take you from where you are today to where you expect to be tomorrow.

Step 3 — Solutions: We craft radio advertising solutions that perfectly fit your unique vision. We never take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, nor do we try and convince you to use solutions that don’t make practical, cost-effective sense. Your goal is results. And our commitment is selecting the solutions that get you there with the most impact, and the least cost.

Step 4 — Tactics: We integrate tactical system flexibility to ensure that your radio advertising projects and campaigns can deftly respond to beneficial opportunities as they emerge.

Step 5 — Launch: We handle every aspect of your radio advertising action plan – from concept through to tracking results. We know that your priority is running your business. Our expertise frees you up to focus on what matters most while you enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your radio advertising is in our trusted, expert hands.

Step 6 — Enhance: We track and monitor radio advertising performance and use real data to enhance your projects and campaigns.

Take Advantage of the NEW Approach to Radio Advertising

Six steps, one goal: taking your business to the next level. That’s the CastleCS way. And it’s your way to take advantage of the NEW approach to radio advertising – one that is about so much more than mere airtime and announcers. Our approach enables you to get to the next level. Because anything less just isn’t acceptable.

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