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Internet Marketing

A PORTFOLIO Approach to Internet Marketing

Efficiently Achieve Objectives with the Highest ROI and Get to the Next Level

internet marketing seo vancouver google rankingsInternet Marketing isn’t a particular tool or a single strategy. At its highest and most effective level, Internet Marketing is a PORTFOLIO of interconnected strategies, tactics, systems and approaches that work together to achieve the highest ROI possible, and take your business to the next level.

And how do you ensure that you achieve that – and steer clear of the shady Internet Marketing Consultants out there who are focused on your money and not your interests?

Simple! You connect with the Internet Marketing experts at CastleCS.

CastleCS Internet Marketing

CastleCS is not an Internet Marketing firm built on hype, hoopla and false promises. We leverage our vast knowledge base to build an Internet Marketing PORTFOLIO that delivers rewarding ROI and takes our high-performance clients to the next level. Our Internet Marketing solutions include:

• Branded & Customized Websites
• Copywriting and SEO
• Keyword Optimization
• Integrated Storefronts and Lead Capture Elements
• Integrated Video
• Integrated Social Media
• Integrated Email Marketing
• Content Creation
• Targeted Product/Service Microsites
• Mobile Websites
• Local Search Campaigns
• Reputation Marketing
• Targeted Campaigns to Drive Referrals and Recommendations
• Blog Strategy and Content
• Search Engine Marketing
• Analytics and Tracking
• Competition & Marketplace Monitoring
• Channel Content and Digital Asset Integration
• and more!

The CastleCS Way to Internet Marketing Success

Our PORTFOLIO approach to Internet Marketing is built on a proven 6-step process that is designed for cost-efficiency, speed and rewarding ROI:

Step 1 — Consultation: We assess and evaluate your marketplace positioning, and clearly identify your Internet Marketing needs, objectives and long term goals.

Step 2 — Action Plan: We develop a clear and cost-effective Internet Marketing action plan that maps out precisely how we’ll achieve your vision.

Step 3 — Solutions: We design a customized Internet Marketing portfolio comprised of leading-edge tools, platforms, technologies and systems that help you get more — for less.

Step 4 — Tactics: We smartly integrate system flexibility into your campaigns so that you’re poised and ready to exploit beneficial Internet Marketing opportunities as they emerge.

Step 5 — Launch: We handle every aspect of your Internet Marketing launch – from beginning to end. Our experts do the heavy lifting and free you to focus 100% on running your business.

Step 6 — Enhance: We track and monitor Internet Marketing performance and metrics, and use real data to make precise enhancements to optimize results.

Connect with the Internet Marketing Experts

Six steps, one goal: taking your business to the next level. That’s the CastleCS way. And it’s your way to an Internet Marketing PORTFOLIO that efficiently achieves your objectives with a rewarding ROI. Because anything less just isn’t acceptable.

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