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Event Planning & Marketing

Event Planning and Event Marketing Designed for IMPACT

Establish Authority, Showcase Solutions and Get to the Next Level

Event Marketing & Planning vancouverSuccessful Event Planning and Marketing isn’t about creating a minor splash or generating some temporary publicity. It’s about making a strategic IMPACT in your marketplace, giving your competition reasons to worry and leaving a lasting, positive impression on your future customers.

When it’s done right, Event Planning and Marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to establish your authority, showcase your solutions and take your business to the next level.

When it’s not done right…the story doesn’t end so well. Instead of benefits and rewards, you wind up with expenses and headaches.

➤ Your goal? Get Event Marketers who design for IMPACT.

➤ Your solution? Partner with the company that knows how to do it right: CastleCS.

CastleCS Event Planning and Marketing

CastleCS is not an ordinary Marketing and Advertising firm. We work exclusively with clients who clearly want – and fully expect – to take their business to the next level. Our Event Planning and Marketing solutions include:

• Trade Shows
• Conferences
• New Product/Service Launches
• Contests
• Promotions
• Public Relations
• Community Outreach
• and more!

The CastleCS Way

Our approach to Event Planning and Marketing with IMPACT is built on a proven 6-step process designed for efficiency, effectiveness, simplicity and results:

Step 1 — Consultation: We invest quality time to carefully understand your needs and goals, and the dynamics and details of your marketplace.

Step 2 — Action Plan: We create a customized action plan that clearly, efficiently and cost-effectively points you in the right direction.

Step 3 — Solutions: We design a marketing and advertising solutions mix that achieves your vision and lets you get more — for less.

Step 4 — Tactics: We build in contingencies and systems to ensure that you seamlessly exploit favourable opportunities as they emerge.

Step 5 — Launch: We handle the entire launch process — so that you don’t have to lift a finger. Our experts give you the freedom to focus 100% on running your business while you safely leave your Event Planning and Marketing to us.

Step 6 — Enhance: We use real performance data to refine your campaigns and ensure that your entire marketing and advertising portfolio is helping drive additional gains.

Connect with the Event Planning and Marketing Experts

Six steps, one goal: taking your business to the next level. That’s the CastleCS way. And it’s your way to cost-effective, results-based Event Planning and Marketing with IMPACT. Because anything less just isn’t acceptable.

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