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Dental Advertising


CastleCS: Your Proven, Full-Service Integrated Dental Marketing PARTNER

dental marketing vancouver advertising for dentists As the CEO of your dental practice, you need to find high-performance integrated marketing tools, strategies and solutions that take your practice to the NEXT LEVEL.

Tools that will:

Generate healthy, ongoing profit – not just revenues
Increase your patient roster with the high-value patients you want to serve
Promote your highest margin solutions
Exploit digital and Internet Marketing tactics to stave off the competition
Equip your staff with marketing tools and knowledge to be more patient-focused
Enhance your reputation as a leader in the dental community
Ensurethat your practice stays “top of mind” so that your patients stay loyal and refer your business to their network

Not convinced? Consider This: In a recent postcard mail-out campaign, our client received over 57 new patients in just one month

But how do you achieve all of the above in an efficient, cost-effective and results-focused way? How do you get from where you are today to where you need to be tomorrow in order to thrive, grow and profit?

Easy! You partner with Castle Communication Systems (CastleCS), Vancouver BC’s premiere full service, best dental marketing solutions partner.

At CastleCS, we aren’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill Vancouver marketing agency – because we’re not an agency. We’re a proven dental marketing PARTNER, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Here’s why:

We’re the experts that dentists trust. We know the challenges and opportunities that dentists like you face on a daily basis. We speak your language, respect your vision, and understand your world.
We deliver relevant solutions. Frankly, we won’t allow our dental partners to purchase marketing solutions that aren’t in their best, long-term interest. We protect our partners’ money, time and reputations without compromise.
We’re all about results. Your success is our only priority. We develop and deliver the best dental marketing solutions that take you efficiently towards your practice objectives. We’ll leave the guesswork to typical marketing agencies. At CastleCS, we’re all about results – yours.
We make sense. Our advice cuts through the jargon and noise and makes sense to your dental practice. It’s information you can easily understand and immediately use to grow your practice and boost your profits.
We customize.Our dental marketing solutions are customized for your unique practice. We help you choose and benefit from the solutions you need, and ensure that you avoid the ones you don’t.

The Bottom Line

It all comes down to this: we’ve helped numerous dentists achieve profitable results through customized marketing solutions, and we can do it for you. So relax – you’re in the right place at the right time. It’s time to take your practice to the NEXT LEVEL. It’s time for you to PARTNER with CastleCS.

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